Mothering and Fathering: Visioning, Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Peace

Date : November 3-5, 2000

Date : Cardinal Stritch University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

The United Nations has declared the year 2000 a year for the Education for a Culture of Peace and the Decade 2000-2010 a Decade for Education for Peace and Nonviolence. What does history tell us about how mothers — and fathers — nurture a culture of peace in the home? How do children come to experience a culture of peace? In what ways do women and men engaged in protesting and resisting injustice, and educating, promoting and celebrating peace create a culture of peace in their families, their communities and their world?

This Fourth Annual ARM conference on Mothering focused on the positive aspects of nurturing for peace and justice. Our purpose was to bring together academic scholars, educators, school and agency administrators and staff, family life professionals, child care workers, public policy makers, religious, business and community leaders, peace scholars and activists, parents and students to explore this important topic from cross-cultural, international, intergenerational and interdisciplinary perspectives. Using a variety of formats, including artistic expression, panel presentations, personal reflections, scholarly papers, and workshops, participants explored the challenges women and men face today as they work together to create a culture of peace, justice and nonviolence for themselves and the young.

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