Caregiving and Carework: Theory and Practice

Integrating Carework and Housework into Household Work: A Conceptual Clarification
by Margrit Eichler

Framing Carework: Context, Processes and Outcomes
by Sarah Allen, Shirley R. Klein and E. Jeffrey Hill

Re-Imagining “Progress”: Motherwork, Human Flourishing and the Political Culture of Care
by Robin G. Isserles

Valuing by Doing: Policy Options to Promote Sharing the Care
by Lyn Craig

Contesting Maternal Ideology and the Yonic Myths of Motherhood: An Autoethnography
by Roksana Badruddoja

Good Welfare Moms: Stories of Caring Labour
by Lea Caragata

by Alicia Casey

Women’s Experience of Fatigue After Childbirth: Narratives of Ideology and Resistance
by Jennifer J. Runquist and Linda C. Baker

Economies of Care: Remuneration and Recognition in Foster Care
by Damien W. Riggs and Paul H. Delfabbro

The Babysitter
by Lynda Perry

The Global Restructuring of Care: The Third World Nanny Phenomenon
by Colleen Mack-Canty

Re-Constituting Care: A Rights-Based Approach to Disability, Motherhood, and the Dilemmas of Care
by Paula C. Pinto

Hill Street
by Jean Preston

Resilience as Authoritative Knowledge: The Experiences of Single Mothers of Children with Disabilities
by Kathy Levine

All in a Day’s Carework: A Typical Day Mothering Children with Invisible Disabilities
by Alice Home

A Tennessee to Love
by Greg Alan Brownderville

Feminism, Child Protection, and Mothers with Psychiatric Disabilities in the United States
by Laura Dreuth Zeman

The Contribution of Pedagogical Documentation to Maternal Efficacy Among Mothers of Pre-term Infants
by Margaret MacDonald

All of this only fifty miles from the former home of L. Frank Baum, creator of The Wizard of Oz
by Greg Alan Brownderville

Bonds of Bereavement: Care and Caregiving Among SIDS Mothers
by Sharon Lang

Birdy Bones
by Judi Thacker-Magee

Indiana, Late August
by Alicia Casey

After Last Decisions
by Gray Jacobik

Discourses of Elder Care: How Midlife Canadian Women Act and Feel in Caring for their Parents
by Sue Wilson, Nancy Mandell and Ann Duffy

“The Greatest Mother in the World”: Carework and the Discourse of Mothering in the Canadian Red Cross Society during the First World War
by Sarah Glassford

Reconsidering the Political Individual: Responding to Carole Pateman’s Critique of Social Contract Theory with Help from Developmental Psychology and Care Ethics
by Sarah LaChance Adams

Caring for the Celtic Cubs: Discursive Constructions of Mothers and Mothering in the Irish Childcare Debate
by Máire Leane

The Meaning of Mother for Spanish Women: Its Affect on Entering or Re-entering the Labour Force
by Magdalena Suarez Ortega

Mothering After Suicide: The Poetry of Susan J. Woitas
by Constance A. Barlow


Editor’s Notes
by Rishma Dunlop

Blood Orange
by Clarinda Harriss

Chopped Liver
by Clarinda Harriss

by Clarinda Harriss

by Clarinda Harriss

Vinyl Recliner
by Clarinda Harriss

The Mother-Daughter Project: How Mothers and Daughters Can Band
Together, Beat the Odds, and Thrive Through Adolescence
reviewed by Pegeen Reichert Powell

Sleep Solutions for Your Baby, Toddler and Preschooler
reviewed by Sonja Boon

By The Secret Ladder: A Mother’s Initiation
reviewed by Fiona Joy Green

A Hard Place: Another Long Day Apart
reviewed by Fiona Joy Green

Because I Said So: 33 Mothers Write About Children, Sex, Men, Aging, Faith,
Race & Themselves
reviewed by Jessica B. Burstrem

Therapy with Single Parents: A Social Constructionist Approach
reviewed by Tatjana Chorney

Mothers of Heroes, Mothers of Martyrs: World War I and the Politics of Grief
reviewed by Cayo Gamber

Negotiating Motherhood in Nineteenth-Century American Literature
reviewed by Roxanne Harde

White Ink: Poems on Mothers and Motherhood
reviewed by Jill Scott

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