Motherhood in a Global Context

This special issue on “Motherhood in a Global Context” features 10 articles, 18 book reviews, and a special poetry folio featuring the work of Pimone Triplett.
Articles include:
• “Sex Work, Street Vending and Implications for Mothers and Daughters in the Global Economy: A Feminist Analysis of Political Economy”
• “Saving Other Children From Other Women: Born Into Brothels”
• “Creating a Tapestry: Motherhood and Womanhood Across Borders”
• “I Feel Like a Different Woman”: Negotiating Gender and Motherhood in the Context of Transnational Migration from Axochiapan, Morelos to Minneapolis, Minnesota”
• “Mothering, Migration and the Global Village: Understanding Support for Mothering in the 21st Century Caribbean”
• “Engaging Empowered Mothering: Black Caribbean Diasporic (M)othering Under Patriarchal Motherhood”
• “(M)othering the Borderlands: Testimony and the Latina Feminist Group”
• “How Black Mothers “Successfully” Raise Children in the “Hostile Canadian Climate”
• and many more!

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