Mothering and Migration: (Trans)nationalisms, Globalization and Displacement

This special issue on “Mothering and Migration: (Trans)nationalisms, Globalization and Displacement” features 18 articles, 7 book reviews, and a special poetry folio featuring the work of Gill O’Neil.
Articles include:
• “The Continuity of Global Crossings: African-Carribbean Women and Transnational Motherhood”
• ““To Be or Not To Be” Is Not the Question: Migrant Mothers and Hybridized, Contextualized Parenting”
• “Transforming Trauma: Understanding and Addressing the Unique Challenges of Traumatized Migrating Mothers”
• “What’s in a Last Name? Patriarchy, Inter-Ethnicity and Maternal Training”
• “Supporting Families Created Through Transnational/Transracial Adoption: Bai Jai Bei”
• “Mothers Against Mothering: Mothers Against Illegal Amnesty Movement and the Politics of Vulnerability”
• “We Don’t Need Your Help, We Need Your Support: Mexican Immigrant Mothering and Community Organizing”
• “Transitional Latina Mother–Activists in the Américas: The Case of Elvira Arellano and Flor Crisóstomo”
and many more!

The Continuity of Global Crossings: African-Caribbean Women
and Transnational Motherhood
by Charmaine Crawford

"To Be or Not To Be" Is Not the Question: Migrant
Mothers and Hybridized, Contextualized Parenting
by Tabitha R. Holmes and Heather Mangione

Transforming Trauma: Understanding and Addressing
the Unique Challenges of Traumatized Migrating Mothers
by Regina Edmonds

What's in a Last Name? Patriarchy, Inter-Ethnicity
and Maternal Training
by Sarah Sahagian

Supporting Families Created Through
Transnational/Transracial Adoption: Bai Jia Bei
by Susan Corbin Dwyer and Lynn Gidluck

Mothers Against Mothering: Mothers Against
Illegal Amnesty Movement and the Politics of Vulnerability
by Jane Juffer

We Don't Need Your Help, We Need Your Support:
Mexican Immigrant Mothering and Community Organizing
by Clare Weber

Transitional Latina Mother—Activists in the Américas:
The Case of Elvira Arellano and Flor Crisóstomo
by Maura I. Toro-Morn and Nilda Flores Gonzalez

Mothers, Migrants and Markets: Re-Thinking the Link Between
Motherhood and Work in the Global Economy

by Christy M. Glass, Peggy Petrzelka and Susan E. Mannon

Community Mothers and Flower Workers in Colombia:
The Transnationalization of Social Reproduction and Production
for the Global Market
by Olga Sanmiguel-Valderrama

Transnational Mothering in an Era of Globalization:
Chinese-Canadian Immigrant Mothers' Decision-Making
When Separating from Their Infants.
by Yvonne Bohr and Natasha Whitfield

Valuing "Good" Motherhood in Migration: The Experiences
of Indian Professional Wives in America and Peruvian Working-Class
Wives Left Behind in Peru
by Namita N. Manohar and Erika Busse-Cardénas

Fostering or Surrogate Mothering as an Immigration Tool:
The Making of Transnational West Indian Families in the
First Half of the Twentieth Century
by Violet M. Showers Johnson

Changing Perceptions of "Good" Mothering and Family Roles
Among Indonesian Female Domestic Workers
by Elisabeth Dewi

"It's a Strange Truth": Experiences of Transnational Motherhood
in Newly Arrived Migrants in Post-Katrina New Orleans
by Holly Scheib

Juggling Afghan Mothering in the Diaspora: A Case Study of
Two Mothers in Southern California
by Huma Ahmed-Ghosh

We Compromise on a Daily Basis: The Choices and Processes
of Cross-Cultural Mothering
by Maria Josefa Yax-Fraser

Fetish Mothers
by Jennifer Kwon Dobbs


Editor's Notes
by Jane Satterfield

The Year in Review
by January Gill O'Neil

Never Let Them See You Cry
by January Gill O'Neil

Questions of Sleep
by January Gill O'Neil

You Get Up
by January Gill O'Neil

A Mother's Tale
by January Gill O'Neil

by January Gill O'Neil

by January Gill O'Neil

Advice for My Son Upon Entering Kindergarten
by January Gill O'Neil

What My Kids Will Write About Me in Their Future Tell-All Book
by January Gill O'Neil

Chocolate Chip Pancakes, 7 p.m.
by January Gill O'Neil

The 21st Century Motherhood Movement: Mothers Speak Out on Why
We Need to Change the World and How to Do It

reviewed by Rachel Treloar

Parenting Out of Control: Anxious Parents in Uncertain Times
reviewed by Clare O'Hagan

Transformative Motherhood: On Giving and Getting in a
Consumer Culture

reviewed by Tatjana Takševa

Torn: True Stories of Kids, Career & the Conflict of Modern Motherhood
reviewed by Dorsía Smith Silva

Textual Mothers / Maternal Texts: Motherhood in Contemporary
Women's Literature

reviewed by Jenni Ramone

Who's Your Daddy? And Other Writings on Queer Parenting
reviewed by Lesley Tarasoff

The Smiling Mask
reviewed by Sarah Duncan

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