Mothering and the Environment: The Natural, the Social, the Built

This special issue on “Mothering and the Environment: The Natural, the Social, the Built” features 17 articles, 6 book reviews, and a special poetry folio featuring the work of Terri Witek.
Articles include:
• ”The Evolution of Mother Activism in the United States Environmental Movement”
• ”Cancer, Feminism and the Environment”
• ”Eco-mothering: Creating and Nurturing a Sustainable World”
• ”Teaching about Women, the Environment and Mother Earth”
• ”The Myth of Green Motherhood”
• ”Help! Our Toxic Environment is Killing our Children”
• ”Mothering, Identity and Sustainability”
• ”Gestating Art in the Matrixial Labyrinth”
• ”Motel Families in Ontario and the Neoliberal Social/Built/Physical Environment”
and many more!

From Maternalism to Activist Mothering: The Evolution of Mother Activism in the United States Environmental Movement

by Susan Logsdon-Conradsen


The Birth of an Eco-Mom: Cancer, Feminism, and the Environment

by Heidi Hutner


Ecomothering: Creating and Nurturing a Sustainable World

by Lauren Shaw


Teaching About Women, the Environment and Mother Earth

by Patricia Miller-Schroeder


How Many Mothers Does it Take to Change All the Light Bulbs? The Myth of Green Motherhood

by Sarah Jaquette Ray


Help! Our Toxic Environment is Killing Our Children: The Need for Protection and Action for Prevention

by Helen Pearman Ziral and Dorothy Goldin Rosenberg


Children’s Thoughts and Feelings Regarding Nature in Two Types of Locations: Comparisons and Implications

by Magdalena Rudkowski


Boys in the Woods: Motherhood, Identity, and Sustainability

by Juliann Emmons Allison


Gestating Art in the Matrixial Labyrinth

by Barbara Bickel, Medwyn McConachy, Nané Ariadne Jordan, with Wende Bartley


Your Oak

by Melanie McCabe


Those Mothers

by Melanie McCabe


Birth(ing) Stories: Combining Poetic and Paradigmatic Approaches to Mothers’ Counter Narratives

by Amanda Bethel Richey


Going Home

by J. Lauren Johnson


Living in Isolation: Motel Families in Ontario and the Neoliberal Social/Built/Physical Environment

by Melinda Vandenbeld Giles


Socialization for Intensive Mothering in the Single Parent, Transnationally Adoptive Family

by Jen Pylypa


“Who Wants to Be an “English” Mother? Irish and Southern African American Domestic Workers in New York, 1865-1935

by Danielle T. Phillips


Brazilian Mothers and Advertising: A Semiotic Approach on How Brazilian Advertising Has Been Building the Imaginary of Pregnancy and Motherhood

by Maria Collier de Mendonça and Oscar Angel Cesarotto


Denominational Affiliation and the Risk of Pregnancy Loss Among Ghanaian women

by Jones K. Adjei, Raymond A. Tutu, Grace A. Ogunyankin, and Nicholas N. S. Cofie




Editor’s Notes

by Jane Satterfield


Manual for Children Leaving Home

by Terri Witek


The Manual Proper

by Terri Witek


Myth Version

by Terri Witek

Feminist Mothering

reviewed by Kristen Abatsis McHenry


Pushing for Midwives: Homebirth Mothers and the Reproductive Rights Movement

reviewed by Michelle Walks


Twenty-First Century Motherhood: Experience, Identity, Policy, Agency

reviewed by Stephanie Knaak


The Joys of Motherhood, 2nd ed.

reviewed Maki Motapanyane

More Than It Seems: Household Work and Lifelong Learning

reviewed by Fiona Lee


Depression in Mothers: Causes, Consequences and Treatment Alternatives. 2nd ed.

reviewed by Gillian M. E. Alban

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