Mothering, Bereavement, Loss and Grief

This special issue on “Mothering, Bereavement, Loss and Grief” features 23 articles, 6 book reviews, 6 poems and a special poetry folio featuring the work of Katherine Smith.
Articles include:
• ”Love and Loss, Joy and Pain, Birth and Death”
• ”Learning how to Die: Lessons from my Son”
• ”Miscarriage, Memory, and Mourning”
• ”Life at the Cemetery”
• ”Maternal Grief: Creating an Environment for Dialogue”
• ”Memories of Post Natal Depression”
• ”Grieving the Loss of Foster Children when they Leave”
• ”Rediscovering Maternal Passion in the Photographic Portrait”
• ”The Disenfranchised Grief of Women who are ‘Contingently Childless’”
• ”Secrets of an ‘Illegitimate Mom’”
And many more!

Learning How to Die: Lessons from My Son
by Suzanne B. Hanser

Maternal Grief: Creating an Environment for Dialogue
by Deborah Davidson and Helena Stahls

Life at the Cemetery
by Sharon Lang

Episodes on High F
by Paula Ressler

“I Am Still a Mother”: A Hermeneutic Inquiry into Bereaved Motherhood
by Deb Bennett

What I Hold and What I Give Away: Miscarriage, Memory, and Mourning
by Roxanne Harde

by Pattie McCarthy

Stigma, Belonging and Mothering: An Outsider’s Understanding of Disability
by Jessica Jennrich 64

Losing The “Normal” Child: Ramifications for Middle-Class Mothers
by Ara A. Francis

Living and Grieving Beside Judith
by Sara Puotinen

by Angela Alaimo O’Donnell

In the Valley of the Shadow
by Angela Alaimo O’Donnell

Love and Loss, Joy and Pain, Birth and Death
by Robin G. Isserles

I Thought the Bones Would Do: Mourning Postpartum Suicide Through Collage Renovations
by Christina Foisy

Dear Hours
by Shara McCallum

My Mother’s Chicken Soup: Recipe for Perspective
by Rosie Rosenzweig

Memories of Post Natal Depression
by Sally Raspin

Secrets of an “Illegitimate Mom”
by Lee Murray

An Adoptive Mother’s Reflections on Mothering and Grief: Another Voice from Inside the Adoption Triad
by Kerri S. Kearney and Lucy E. Bailey

Temporary Mothering: Grieving the Loss of Foster Children When They Leave
by Delores Mullings

Making Sense of Loss: the Disenfranchised Grief of Women Who Are “Contingently Childless”
by Lois Tonkin

Rediscovering Maternal Passion in the Photographic Portrait
by Toni Wilkinson

Death and Rebirth: Healing with the Eleusinian Mysteries of Ancient Greece
by Margaret Lynn Mitchell

Road to Radiation
by Julia Lisella

Going Lightly Slowly
by Julia Lisella

Grieving Conceptions: Making Motherhood in the Wake of Infertility in Ireland
by Jill Allison

Auto de Resistência: The Collective Action of Women Relatives of Victims of Police Violence in Rio de Janeiro
by Tatiana Moura, Rita Santos and Bárbara Soares

A Gold Star for Grieving: Cindy Sheehan, Military Families Speak Out, and Gold Star Families Speak Out
by Jocelyn Fenton Stitt

Reflection on Loss as a M/Other and a Feminist Sociologist
by Gayle Letherbyq


Literary Editor’s Notes
Jane Satterfield

Why I Am a Realist
by Katherine Smith

Woman Alone on the Mountain
by Katherine Smith

by Katherine Smith

by Katherine Smith

Miracle I
by Katherine Smith

Miracle II
by Katherine Smith

by Katherine Smith

by Katherine Smith

by Katherine Smith

by Katherine Smith

The Question of David: A Disabled Mother’s Journey Through Adoption, Family and Life reviewed by Doreen Gur

Call Me Okaasan: Adventures in Multicultural Mothering
reviewed by Ferzana Chase

Mothers and Blogging: The Radical Act of the MommyBlog
reviewed by Kryn Freehling-Burton

Mother Knows Best: Talking Back to the “Experts”
reviewed Susan Logsdon-Conradsen

Mothering Canada: Interdisciplinary Voices
reviewed by Serena Patterson

Blood Mother and The King: Poems
reviewed by Leah Souffrant

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