Mothering in the Academy

"I’ve Working Very Hard and Slept Very Little": Mothers on Tenure Track in Academia
by Alice Fothergill and Kathryn Feltey

Mothering in Academia
by Ruth Nemzoff

Making a Living, Making a Life
by Joanne S. Frye

Under the Circumstances: Single Motherhood in an Academic Culture of Doubt
by Anna Atkinson

Motherhood and Academia: Learning from Our Lived Experience
by Joyce B. Castle and Vera Woloshyn

What’s Love Got To Do With It? A Personal Reflection on the Role of Maternal Love in Feminist Teaching
by Fiona Joy Green

Dissertation Distress: A Room of One's Own with a Crib and a Computer
by Joanne Detore-Nakamura

Confessions of an Aging Mother
by Renee Norman

Mothering in the Ivy Tower: Interviews with Academic Mothers
by Debra H. Swanson and Deirdre D. Johnston

Mother uses spellcheck
by Taina Chalal

The Best You Can Expect When You’re Expecting... and Beyond: A Review of Contract Language for Mothers in the Canadian Academy
by Kathy Bischoping

On Daughters, Dissertations and Dementia
by Maura McIntyre

Academic Mothers and Their Experiences Navigating the Academy
by Andrea Riesch Toepell

Professor/Mother: The Uneasy Partnership
by Ruth Nemzoff

by Renee Norman

In a Napping House
by Cayo Gamber

When Geese Fly
by Renee Norman

Emerging Academics: Thoughts on Becoming (and Not Becoming) Mothers
by Carolyn Cunningham

The Education of Girls
by Rishma Dunlop

Mothering the Mind: Women of Colour Creating Supportive Communities to Increase the Academic Success Rate of Minority Students
by Arlene E. Edwards

New Westminster
by Renee Norman

Making Mothers Visible: Implications for Social Work Practice and Education in Child Welfare
by Linda Davies, Sara Collings and Julia Krane

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