Mothering in the African Diaspora

Drawing Strength from Our Mothers: Tapping the Roots of Black Women’s History
by Cassie Premo Steele

A Mother’s Embrace
by Gail McCabe

Black Women’s Mothering in a Historical and Contemporary Perspective: Understanding the Past, Forging the Future
by Erica Lawson

Oppressive Nascence, the Nascence of Oppression
by Marybeth White

Developmental Mothering in an African American Community: From Grandmothers to New Mothers Again
by Priscilla Gibson

Return to the [M]Other to Heal the Self: Identity, Selfhood and Community in Toni Morrison’s Beloved
by Allison Mackey

"You’ll Become a Lioness": African-American Women Talk About Mothering
by Trudelle Thomas

"She Who Learns Teaches": Othermothering in the Academy
by Candace Bernard, Wanda Thomas Bernard, Chioma Epko, Josephine Enang, Bertlyn Joseph, and Njoki Wane

Birthday Poem for Rachel
by Rishma Dunlop

Community Mothering: The Relationship Between Mothering and the Community Work of Black Women
by Arlene E. Edwards

Stories from Boundary Bay
by Rishma Dunlop

Reflections on the Mutuality of Mothering: Women, Children, and Othermothering
by Njoki Nathani Wane

the art of thumbsucking
by Laurie Kruk

Nothing to Write Home About: Carribean Canadian Daughters, Mothers and Migration
by Karen Flynn and Cindy-Lou Henwood

Resistance and Surrender: Mothering Young, Black and Feminist
by Crystal’Aisha Perryman-Mark

First Birds
by Laurie Kruk

Mothering as Motive and Mechanism: Women’s Contributions to a Tswana Diaspora in Colonial South Africa
by Camilla Cockerton

Ibuza vs. Lagos: The Feminist and Traditional Buchi Emecheta
by Nicole Willey

Motherhood- A Joy? The Status of Mothers of African Descent in the Literature and Lore of Africa and the African Diaspora
by Lena Ampadu

Policing our Daughters’ Bodies: Mothering in African Literature
by Venetria K. Patton

Binding the Narrative Thread: Storytelling and the Mother-Daughter Relationship in Edwige Dandicat’s Breath, Eyes, Memory
by Nancy F. Gerber

Reading Mobility, Motherhood and Domesticity in Four African American Women’s Texts
by Jennifer Harris

Mothers in the Fiction of Zora Neale Hurston
by Brigitte H. Bechtold

Spirit Wisdom
by Joyce MacIntyre

Black Girls/Black Women-Centred Texts and Black Teachers as Othermothers
by Dolana Mogadime

The Joys of Motherhood
reviewed by Merryl Hammond

"When We Chose Canada": A Mother and Daughter Share Stories That Shaped Their Lives in Their New Homeland
reviewed by Laura Thomas

Immigrant Mothers: Narratives of Race and Maternity 1890-1925
reviewed by Jennifer Harris

Mothering Teens: Understanding the Adolescent Years
reviewed by Ruthe Thompson

Weaving Work and Motherhood
reviewed by Leigh M. O’Brien

In Defense of Single-Parent Families
reviewed by Robin Edward Gearing

Mother Nature: A History of Mothers, Infants, and Natural Selection
reviewed by Anna Beauchamp

Childhood in America
reviewed by Sarah V. Young

Wonderful Ways to be a Stepparent
reviewed by Laurie Kruk

Lesbian Step Families: An Ethnography of Love
reviewed by Dawn L. Comeau

Our Families, Our Values: Snapshots of Queer Kinship
reviewed by Nicole Willey

Thinking About the Baby: Gender and Transitions into Parenthood
reviewed by Wendy Faith

In Her Mother’s House: The Politics of Asian American Mother-Daughter Writing
reviewed by Andrea Riesch Toepell

Women as Wombs: Reproductive Technologies and the Battle Over Women’s Freedom
reviewed by Emily Jeremiah

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