Mothering, Race, Ethnicity, Culture and Class

Race as Cultural Construction, Race as Social Reality:Mothering for Contradictions and Ambiguities
by Susan L. Schalge and Cynthia E. Rudolph

Towards White Anti-Racist Mothering Practices: Confronting Essentialist Discourses of Race and Culture
by Lisa M. Comeau

Mothering White Children: An Africana Canadian Woman’s Experience
by Delores V. Mullings

The Experiences of Mothers of Children of Mixed Heritage: The Theme of the “Body Physical”
by Lousie Gormley

Postcards from the Middle: The Journey of Transracial Adoption
by Sonya Corbin Dwyer and Lynn Gidluck

Cultural Competence: Beyond Culturally Sensitive Care for Childbearing Black Women
by Josephine Etowa and Louise Adongo

Mothering Through Acculturation: Reflections of Salvadorian Mothers in Canada
by Mirna Carranza

Mothering, Mending Metal and My Son: A Response to the Work of Amira de la Garza
by Shell Feijo

Mulatta Mama Performing Passing and Mimicking Minstrelsy in Mark Twain’sPudd’nhead Wilson
by Roshuanda D. Cade

“You Gotta Let Go If You Want to Hang On”: Intensive Parenting Among Middle Class Mothers Separated from Their Children
by Eugene Hynes

Perspectives from African American, West Indian and Latina Adolescents
by Stacey L. Brown

Breaking the Silence: Infertility, Motherhood, and Queer Culture
by Michelle Walks

Are Some Mothers More Equal than Others? Class Divisions in U.S. Family Leave Policy
by Heidi M. Berggren

The Daughters of Myrtle Baptist Church: Womanist Consciousness in Motion
by Deidre Hill Butler

Mothering in Slavery: A Revision of African Feminist Principles
by Nicole L. Willey

Audre Lorde – “TheWoman Thing”
by Laura Major

Editor’s Notes: Meena Alexander
by Rishma Dunlop
Everything Strikes Loose
by Meena Alexander
South of the Nilgiris
by Meena Alexander
by Meena Alexander
Blood Line
by Meena Alexander
Three for Summer – A Poem in Three Parts
by Meena Alexander

Other Poetry

rhythm methods & watery melodies
by Sharron Proulx-Turner0
her sleep, her dreams still in her speech
by Sharron Proulx-Turner
tiny spruce & thunderbird eggs
by Sharron Proulx-Turner

Delivery Room Under Renovation
by Rachel Rose 97
by Rachel Rose 99
by Rachel Rose 101

by Kerri Embrey

Swallow Light
by Carl Leggo

Raise Up a Child: Human Development in an African American Family
reviewed by Dawn Wright Williams

Family Secrets: Crossing the Colouor Line
reviewed by Karen Nelson Villanueva

The Mommny Brain: How Motherhood Makes Us Smarter
reviewed by Cyndi Brannen

Parenting and Professing: Balancing Family Work with an
Academic Career
reviewed by Jenn Stephenson

The Development and Treatment of Girlhood Agression
reviewed by Barbara Schwartz-Bechet

A Donor Insemination Guide: Written by and for Lesbian Women
reviewed by Lori Ross

The Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy for Lesbians
reviewed by Chloë Brushwood Rose

Like Our Very Own: Adoption and the Changing Culture
of Motherhood, 1851-1950
reviewed by Amy Cuomo

The Family Context of Parenting in Children’s Adaptation to
Elementary Schools
reviewed by Irene A. Barrett

Losing a Life: A Daughter’s Memoir of Caregiving
reviewed by Gail M. Lindsay

Giovanna’s 86 Circles and Other Stories
reviewed by Roxanne Harde

Family Reunion: Poems About Parenting Grown Children
reviewed by Marion Gold

Letters to Virginia Woolf
reviewed by Roxanne Harde

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