Mothers and Daughters

Matroreform: Feminist Mothers and Their Daughters Creating Feminist Motherlines
by Fiona J. Green

Mothering Feminist Daughters in Postfeminist Times
by Amber E. Kinser

Working with Ambivalence and Loss: Artworks that Explore an Aspect of the Mother/Adolscent Daughter Relationship
by Sonia Donnellan

My Darling Darling: Étude on Muriel’s Body
by Catherine Racine

For My Mother
by Cayo Gamber

Hail Mami, Full of Grace
by Gisela Norat
Shifting gears
by Leslie Vryenhoek

My Daughter, How Do I Teach You What I Haven’t Learned? A Personal View of the Impact of Child Abuse on Mothering
by Susan C. Ford

My Guardian Angel: The Uncertainty of Exile and Memory
by Tamara Toledo

The Foxes
by Claire Millikin

What’s in a Name? An Intergenerational Reflection on Naming Our Daughters
by Sarah J. Duncan

by Barbara Pelman

Mothers and Daughters at Menarche: An Indigenous-Inspired Quiet Revolution
by Sharon Moloney

Mothers and Daughters Finding Each Other Through Intercountry Adoption
by Marlene Pomrenke

Accessing Mother Within: A Study of Midlife Daughters’ Use of Maternal Belongings in Mourning
by Laura Lewis and Judith Belle Brown

Surviving My Mother’s Legacy: Patriarchy, Colonialism and Domestic Violence in
Lee Maracle’s Daughters are Forever
by Sylvia Terzian

My Mother’s Face: Remembering Mothers in the Holocaust Testimony of Francine Christophe and Cordelia Edvardson
by Nancy Gerber

by Carol Berg

“A Mixture of the Madonna and a Woman of the World”: Virginia Woolf’s
Assessment of the Mother
by Jennifer Goldberg

The Rejected and Reclaimed Mother in Sandra Cisneros’s Caramelo
by Cristina Herrera

Some “Grimm” Reflections on Mothers and Daughters: A FairyTale for Our Times
by Maggie Kirkman and Gayle Letherby

Editor’s Notes
by Rishma Dunlop


My Mother’s Gifts
by James Cihlar

Bergen Mercy
by James Cihlar

What My Mother Used
by James Cihlar

What My Stepmother Used
by James Cihlar

What My Sisters Used
by James Cihlar

What My Older Sister and Her Best Friend Used
by James Cihlar

What My Mother Used Later
by James Cihlar

My Mother Believed in Christmas
by James Cihlar

More of What My Mother Used Later
by James Cihlar

House Beautiful
by James Cihlar

by James Cihlar

 “Ginealogy”: Towards the Revival of Feminine Genealogies in the Works of Contemporary Polish Artists
by Elźbieta Korolczuk

Mothers and Daughter Literary Contest Winners and Honorary Mentions

Knee Deep in the Mother of God
by Rebecca Goodrich

Stories in the Wind
by Beverley Brenna

A Letter to My Daughter (To Be Sent in the Future)
by Yelizaveta P. Renfro

by K. V. Skene

by Leslie Vryenhoek

Just Beyond Call If You Need Me
by Leslie Vryenhoek

First Birds
by Laurie Kruk

Learning the Words
by Lorri Neilsen Glenn

Sangan River Meditations
by Susan Musgrave

My Mother Wears Combat Boots: A Parenting Guide for the Rest of Us
reviewed by Jessica Smartt Gullion

Parenting a Defiant Child: A Sanity Saving Guide to Finally Stopping the Bad Behavior
reviewed by Tatjana Takševa Chorney

More Than a Mom: Living a Full and Balanced Life When Your Child Has Special Needs
reviewed by Theresa Nowlan Suart

Adoption and Loss: The Hidden Grief
reviewed by Ruth Nemzoff

Adoption and Recovery: Solving the Mystery of Reunion
reviewed by Sarah J. Duncan

Birth as We Know It
reviewed by Dominique Russell

Laike and Nahum: A Poem in Two Voices
reviewed by M. Louise Ripley

We, The Women
reviewed by Rosie Rosenzweig

Lying to Our Mothers
reviewed by Nancy Gerber

Embracing Brings You Back
reviewed by Dorsía Smith Silva

Super America: Stories
reviewed by Elizabeth Soliday

You Can Get There From Here: 25 Years of Bridging Courses for Women at York University
reviewed by Rita Bode

 Mothers of the Nation: Women, Families, and Nationalism inTwentieth-Century Europe
reviewed by Layne Parish Craig

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