Mothers and Sons

The (Male) Advantage of a Feminist Mother
by Juanita Ross Epp and Sharon Cook

"Beyond the World of Guilt and Sorrow": Separation, Attachment and Creativity in Literary Mothers and Sons
by Nancy Backes

Deconstructing Mother Guilt: Single Mothers Can Effectively Raise an Emotionally Healthy and Well-Developed Male Child
by Robin Edward Gearing and Sandra Campbell

Bringing Our Boyz to Men: Black Men’s Reflections on their Mother’s Childrearing Influences
by Wanda Thomas Bernard

Restoring the Memories of Joining Between a Mother and Son: A Reading of Lorna Goodison’s Maternal Poems
by Dannabang Kuwabong

1st Day
by Nancy D. Tolston

A Meditation on Mothers and Son’s by Nathan’s Mother
by Susan Koppelman

Feminist Moms and Sons: Making a Difference
by Christine Peets

Sons of Feminists: Learning by Their Talk
by Joyce B. Castle

A Mother, Two Sons, Then Another
by Marie Porter

The Moment of Goldfish
by Ruth Panofsky

Just Me and My Boy Going Fishing
by Anna Hagan

Mothers, Sons and God-Concepts
by Aileen M. Fitzke

A Personal Reflection on Mothers and Sons
by Marion Gold

Gendering Reilly
by Jaime M. Grant

Joint Custody
by Marybeth Holleman

Family Strut
by Robbie Pfeufer Kahn

"The More You Look, The More You See": Jospehine Baker, Motherhood, Nation, Race and Identity
by Jennifer Harris

Sewing Lesson
by Ivan Younge

Mothers and Sons in Croatian Songs
by Mary Valentich

A Mom and Her Son: Thoughts on Feminist Mothering
by Andrea O’Reilly


Harnessing the Power of Motherhood: The National Florence Crittenton Mission, 1883-1925
reviewed by Julie Thacker

Women, Families and Feminist Politics: A Global Exploration
reviewed by Joyce B. Castle

An Unconventional Family
reviewed by Rachel Josefowitz Siegel

Family Secrets: Gay Sons - A Mother’s Story
reviewed by Fiona Joy Green

Mother of My mother: The Intricate Bond Between Generations
reviewed by Fiona Joy Green

The Reality of Breastfeeding: Reflections by Contemporary Women
reviewed by Bernice L. Hausman

Boy Crazy: Remembering Adolescence, Therapies and Dreams
reviewed by Nancy Backes

Girl Rearing: Memoir of a Girlhood Gone Astray
reviewed by Marion Gold

A Better Woman: A Memoir
reviewed by Joan Garvan

Fearless Girls, Wise Women, and Beloved Sisters
reviewed by Joan Garvan

Le nom de la mere: Meres, filles et écriture dans la littérature québécoise as féminin
reviewed by Christl Verduyn

In Silence the Strands Unravel
reviewed by by Dannabang Kuwabong

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