Mothers, Education and Maternal Pedagogies

This special issue on “Mothers, Education and Maternal Pedagogies” features thirteen articles, eleven book reviews, and a special poetry folio featuring the work of Judith Baumel.
Articles include:
•Navigating Academia While Balancing Motherhood: A Reflective Journey of a Circuitous Path
•My Journey as a Parent with my Learning Disabled Child: A Celebration of Embodied Knowledge
•“Although Not Intentional, Some Children May Fall Through the Cracks”: Revisiting the Role of Capital in Disability Advocacy Motherhood and Inclusive Education
•Mothering and Mentoring: Exploring Relational Dy- namics among Black Women in the Academy
•Teaching the Politics of Transnational Motherhood
•Navigating Normative Boundaries: The Experiences of Student Parents
•How Do We Talk in University Classrooms About Gender Violence Against Mothers? Unsettling Emotion and Negotiating Care in a Feminist Matricentric Pedagogy and Praxis
• Educating Our Children for the Future?The Shifting Tides of Maternal Pedagogy
• and many more!

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