Mothers in the Academe

This special issue on “Mothers in the Academe” features thirteen articles, thirteen book reviews, and a special poetry folio featuring the work of Marilyn Taylor. Articles include:

  • Challenging the myths and inequities that compromise academic mothers’ success
  • Graduate student mothers’ sense of agency in decision-making
  • Interrogating the language of diversity in academe
  • How the presence of women disrupts the ideal worker model in colleges and universities
  • Negotiating academe with a chronically ill child
  • Poverty and power: the moral regulaton of single mother university students
  • Mothering and professing in the ivory tower
  • and many more!

Beyond Blame: Challenging the Myths and Inequities That

Compromise Academic Mothers’ Success

by BettyAnn Martin 9


Maybe, Maybe … PhD Baby?

by Stephanie Chesser 23


Experiments in Voice and Visibility: Creating Space for

Graduate Student (Single) Mothers in the Mother-Free Space

of the Academy

by Summer R. Cunningham 37


“It’s a Choice”: Graduate Student Mothers’ Sense of Agency

in Decision Making

by Elizabeth R. Paré 52


Mothering and Professing in the Ivory Tower: Supporting

Graduate Student Mothers

by Barbara A. W. Eversole, Cindy L. Crowder,

Siham Lekchiri, Amber Clark and Toni S. Zimmerman 65


Next, the Campus Interview: An Elegy for Graduate

Student Mothers

by Susan Rotolo 81


Moving My Brain to Canada: Motherhood and International

Mobility as an Academic Career Requirement

by Florence Pasche Guignardo 93

Journal of the Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement

(Re)Turning to Motherhood and Academe:

An Autoethnographic Account

by Talia Esnard 109


Interrogating the Language of Diversity in Academe:

Motherhood and Parenting in View

by Maki Motapanyane and Kit Dobson 125


Motherhood in U.S. Academe: How the Presence of Women

Disrupts the Ideal Worker Model in Colleges and Universities

by Kristin Marsh 140



Envisioning a Different Journey:

Negotiating Academe with aChronically Ill Child

by Kirsten Isgro 155


Poverty and Power: The Moral Regulation of

Single Mother University Students

by Laurel O’Gorman 164


Initiative to Empower Women Faculty Members at University of

Ottawa: Mothers See the Value in Participation

by Catherine Mavriplis and Françoise Moreau-Johnson 179



Editor’s Notes

by Jane Satterfield 194


If, in October

by Marilyn Taylor 197


The Boy on the Plane

by Marilyn Taylor 198


At the End

by Marilyn Taylor 199


Sestina for My Mother

by Marilyn Taylor 201


In Other News

by Marilyn Taylor 203


The Ice Cave

by Marilyn Taylor 204

To the Mother of a Dead Marine

by Marilyn Taylor 205


Family Picnic

by Marilyn Taylor 206


Tercets from the Train

by Marilyn Taylor 207


Open Letter to Grownup Kids Who Call Home

by Marilyn Taylor 209



Mother as Poet / Poet as Mother

by Marilyn Taylor 210



Not Exactly as Planned: A Memoir of Adoption, Secrets and Abiding Love

reviewed by Bruna Alvarez 212


Biting the Moon: A Memoir of Feminism and Motherhood

reviewed by Maya E. Bhave 214


Anybody’s Miracle

reviewed by Rita Bode 215


Intensive Mothering: The Cultural Contradictions of Modern Motherhood

reviewed by Judith Lakämper 217


This Is What a Feminist Slut Looks Like: Perspectives on the

SlutWalk Movement

reviewed by Virginia Little 219


In Our Hands: The Struggle for U.S. Child Care Policy

reviewed by Kristin Marsh 221


Mothers of the Nation: Indigenous Mothering as Global Resistance,

Reclaiming and Recovery

reviewed by Naomi M. McPherson 223


Criminalized Mothers, Criminalizing Mothering

reviewed by Rachel O’Donnell 226


Telling Truths: Storying Motherhood

reviewed by Lorinda Peterson 228


Stay-at-Home Mothers: Dialogues and Debates

reviewed by Amanda Watson 230


The M Word: Conversations About Motherhood

reviewed by Laurie Kruk 233


Motherhood and Infertility in Ireland:

Understanding the Presence of Absence

reviewed by Abigail L. Palko 235


Twice in a Blue Moon

reviewed by Dorsía Smith Silva 237


Contributor Notes 239

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