Young Mothers

"Complex Lives: Young Motherhood, Homelessness and Partner Relationships"
by Deborah Keys

"'Don’t Look Down on Me Because I Have One ': Young Mothers Empowered in a Context of Support"
by Rachel C. Berman, Susan Silver and Sue Wilson

"When Schooling is Not Enough: Support, Empowerment and Social Regulation of the Teen Mother in Contemporary Canada"
by Janice Ahola- Sidaway and Sandra Fonseca

"If You Build It, They May Not Be Able to Get There: The Challenges of Mentoring Teenaged and Low-Income Single Mothers Through an Undergraduate Service-Learning Course"
by Deborah Byrd

"Memorializing and Moralizing Young Motherhood in Barbados"
by Pamela J. Downe

"Making Statistics Lie: Interrogating Teenage Motherhood in a Rural African-American Community"
by Aline Gubrium

"Young Mothers in Canadian HIV Awareness Posters: Underrepresentation and Concerns"
by Linda Hunter

"Young Mothers, Agency, and Collective Action: Issues and Challenges"
by Deirdre M. Kelly

"The “Good Mother” vs. The “Other” Mother: The Girl-Mom"
by Lindsey Rock

"An Inappropriate Transition to Adulthood? Teenage Pregnancy and the Discourses of Childhood"
by Corinne Wilson

"Teen Mothers and Socioeconomic Status: The Chicken-Egg Debate"
by Gemma Briggs, Marni Brownell and Noralou Roos

“’It Doesn’t Matter if You’re Fifteen or Forty-five, Having a Child is a Difficult Experience’: Reflexivity and Resistance in Young Mothers’ Constructions of Identity”
by Tanya Darisi

Also includes: 15+ book reviews, Folio, 20+ pieces of writing/poetry/artwork from young moms in the local community and much more!

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